Sears Credit Card Login, Register & Password Reset

Finding the Sears credit card login is quite easy, as we have provided all the information regarding the same in this post. But what is Sears card, and why is it important? 

Sears Card is a credit card service that is provided by Citibank online. This card helps easily manage all the transactions you make with this card. The card comes with many benefits, and since Citibank issues it, you can trust its authenticity. 

Well, let’s discuss the Sears credit card login below. 

Sears Credit Card Login

To log in to Sears card, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Visit the official website of Sears Credit Card. 
Sears Credit Card Login
  •  Enter your user ID and password to access the Sears Citi credit card login page. 
  •  Ensure there aren’t any mistakes while entering the details on the Sears credit card Citibank login page. 
  •  After that, click on Sign On. 

And with that, you should be able to use the Sears credit card Citi login portal easily. But before you start using the portal, you need to register on the Sears credit citi card login. 

Steps to Register Sears Credit Card

Follow the steps below to register on the Citibank credit card Sears login portal. 

Register Sears Credit Card
  •  It will take you to another page of the Sears credit card, where you must provide your Sears Mastercard login credit card Number. 
  •  After Providing your card number, click on Continue
  •  After that, you will be asked to provide details, such as SSNs, date of birth, etc. You can provide those as they keep your data very secure. 
  •  After that, you can click on the Sears credit card login or apply button to register your card. 

If you don’t have the card while registering, follow the steps below to register your Sears credit card. 

  • When you are asked to provide the Sears credit card login Citibank Card Number while registering the card, there is an option “I don’t have my card on hand” below that. Click on that. 
  •  Now, you will be asked to provide details, such as the cardholder’s name, the primary Sears credit card login payment cardholder’s SSN, and phone number. You will also be asked through which form you would like to receive a verification code. You can choose the one that suits you best from the credit card login portal options. 
  •  Now agree to the condition provided on the Sears credit card login mastercard portal and click Send Code
  •  After that, enter the Code and easily register your Sears credit card. 

This is how you can register your Sears card login credit card. But before registering the card, you need to own one. 

Applying For Citibank Sears Credit Card 

For Sears credit card login or application, follow the steps below. These are pretty easy to follow. 

  • Click Here to visit the official Sears Card Login page. 
  •  Scroll down a bit to find Not A Cardholder? Apply Now option. Click on it.
  •  Select the type of card you want from the top. 
  •  Now, follow the steps on your screen and complete the steps. 

And that’s it. You can follow these steps to apply for a Sears card. 

Retriving Sears Credit Card Login Password

There is always a chance that you might forget your credit card’s password or username. Here are a few steps that you can use to reset or retrieve it if you forget. 

  •  Now, just below the Sign on the Sears card credit card login page, you can spot two more options: Retrieve User ID and Reset password. 
  •  According to your need, click on the option that you want for the Sears login credit card login. 
  •  The next Sears login credit card login page will ask you for a few details, such as card number, security code & last 4 digits of the cardholder’s SSN. Provide those and Click on Verify to complete the Sears credit card rewards login resetting process. 

And that’s it. With this, you can easily reset or retrieve your Sears rewards credit card login user ID or Password. 

Username And Password Choosing Tips

Choosing your Sears credit card account login username and password is very easy. But if you are a little mindful, you should be able to choose an adequate User ID and Password for your Sears credit card login account.

For choosing your Sears Home Improvement credit card login User ID or Username, you can use a special character, uppercase or lowercase. Also, be sure not to use any spaces in the Citibank Sears Mastercard credit card login username, which should be between 5-50 characters.

The same can be applied in the case of the login to my Sears credit card password as well, but here, the characters used are limited to 6-50. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there still a Sears Credit Card? 

The in-store-only Sears credit card application has been closed. In its place, Shop Your Way MasterCard has been introduced. 

Is a Sears Credit card a Citibank credit card?

Yes. Sears credit card is a Citibank credit card and is accepted by most places. 

How hard is it to get a Sears credit card?

It is difficult for people who don’t have a credit score of more than 700. 


Using the Sears Citibank credit card login portal is easy, as you can understand from the steps provided here. If you face any issues during the Sears login credit card, you can refer to the steps provided here and apply for a Sears credit card login. 

If the problem persists, then you can get in touch with the Citibank Sears support team. The Sears Shop Your Way support team is efficient and will quickly solve your issues. We hope that the information provided here has been of help to you. Do leave your comments below if you have more queries. 

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