Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Login, Register, Apply Now

Victoria’s Secret is a famous American brand that produces clothes, lingerie, and beauty products. If you frequently buy merchandise from this store or any of its online variations, you must be aware of the Victoria’s Secret credit card.

In this post, we will provide all the details you need to know about Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Login. To learn more about Victoria’s secret credit card, read along. 

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Login

Comenity Bank offers Victoria’s Secret credit cards. This card provides the users with many benefits ranging from discounts, offers, and many more perks. These perks and advantages are available for online and offline shopping with the Victoria’s Secret credit card. 

The only way to manage and stay updated about all the information related to the card is to use Victoria’s secret credit card login portal.

How To Login To Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

You can follow the steps below to access the Victoria’s Secret Login portal.

Victoria's Secret Credit Card Login
  •  Provide your username and password.
  •  Finally, click on Sign In. 

Now, you should be able to access all details and information related to your account. 

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Registration

Here are the steps to register on the Victoria’s Secret credit card portal. 

  • Go to the Victoria’s Secret Homepage. Click on Register Now at the top right corner. 
  • Provide details such as the account number, ZIP code, or Postal code.
Victoria's Secret Credit Card Registration
  •  After that, choose the identification number that you want to provide. There will be an option to choose between your Social Security Number or any alternate identification. 
  •  Click on Find My Account. 
  •  Following that, choose your username and password. Follow the guidelines laid out on Victoria’s secret credit card login portal. 

If you don’t have a Victoria’s Secret credit card, you need to apply for one. Follow the steps mentioned below to do that. 

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Apply Now

Applying for this card is easy and can be done offline and online. Follow the below steps for the application process. Let’s start with the online process.

Online Application Process Of Victoria’s Secret Credit Card 

  • Go to the official website of Victoria’s Secret. Hover over the icon next to the Sign-in icon.
  •  From the drop-down menu, choose Get The VS Credit Card
  •  This will take you to another window, and you should be able to spot Apply Now. Click on that.
  •  On the next page, click on Create Account & Apply to start the process. 
Victoria's Secret Credit Card Apply Online
  •  Now, enter all the details asked there, such as First name, Last name, Email ID, country, ZIP code, etc. While entering the details, make sure there aren’t any errors. 
  •  After that, agree to the terms and conditions and click on Submit. 
  •  You will be redirected to another page, where you must provide confidential details, such as your social security number, address, contact information, etc.  

Read the terms and conditions before submitting your Application. There should be an instant response via email or text. If you don’t receive one, don’t fret; you will receive it the next day or two. 

Offline Application Process Of Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

Offline Application or In-store application process for Victoria’s Secret credit card login easy pay is simple. Follow the below steps to know the process. 

  • Go to your nearest or any Victoria’s Secret or PINK store.
  •  Find the customer service desk and ask them for a Victoria’s Secret credit card. 
  •  The person at the desk will provide you with a form. Fill that and provide it to them for further processing. 

The store person would provide you with the outcome right away. If not, you will receive the outcome via the contact information you provide on the form within a few days. 

Activating Your Victoria’s Secret Credit Card 

  • Access the Victoria’s Secret website.
  •  This will take you to the Victoria’s Secret credit card login online activation page. 
Victoria's Secret Credit Card activation
  •  Provide the necessary details, and click on Continue. 

There will be some guidelines available on the screen. Follow them to activate your card. Contact the Victoria Secret credit card login pay support team if you are facing activation issues. The Victoria’s Secret credit card login team is available 24/7. The customer service is very quick and will solve your issue as soon as possible. 

Steps To Reset Victoria Secret Credit Card Login Password

If you happen to forget the User ID or password, here are a few steps that you can follow to reset the Victoria Secret credit card bill pay login password. 

  • On the Login page of Victoria’s Secret credit card login, locate the Sign In option and click on it.
  •  Choose Forgot Username/ Password from just below the Login form.
  •  Provide details about your comenity bank victoria secret credit card login card on the next page. 
  •  Finally, click on Find My Account. 

After verifying the provided details, a new page containing the Password Reset option will appear. You can follow the prompts on the page to 

Victoria’s Secret Mobile App

Victoria’s Secret credit card login pay bill can also be done through the mobile app. The mobile app will allow you to make Victoria’s Secret credit card login payment. It will also allow you to activate and manage your Victoria’s Secret credit card account login. 

FAQs On Victoria Secret Credit Card Login

How can I check the balance on my Victoria’s Secret credit card?

To check the balance, you can visit your Victoria’s Secret credit card account and check it. 

How do I pay for my Victoria’s Secret card online?

You can use the login steps mentioned in this post and the login portal to make the necessary payments. 

What is the phone number for the Victoria’s Secret credit card?

The phone number of Victoria’s Secret Credit Card is 1-844-271-2596. 


The Victoria’s Secret credit card login portal is a great way to manage purchases and accounts. It makes purchasing more manageable and provides huge discounts and other perks.

Immediately report your lost credit card to the Victoria Secret credit card login mastercard support team. They will block your Victoria Secret credit card login comenity card and issue you a new one.

We hope this post about Victoria Secret login credit card login has been of help to you. Comment below if you have more queries.

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