Direct Express Routing Number – Login, Deposit Method

Locating the direct express routing number could be tricky as there isn’t any information on their website or anywhere else. The Direct Express website doesn’t publicly provide the number.

If you are looking for it, we can help you. In this post, you will learn all about routing numbers for direct express. 

Direct Express is a financial service program that the US Treasury Department provides. This service is used to deliver federal benefits to several individuals, such as veterans, etc. They receive the funds directly in their Direct Express card instead of paper checks. 

Direct Express Routing Number

Direct Express doesn’t have a routing number because it’s just a debit card program, and the funds get loaded into the card itself. But if you have recently received a Direct Express card and would like to set up a direct deposit, then you can follow the steps below to learn about the routing number for Comerica bank direct express card. 

Deposit of Comerica Bank Routing Number for Direct Express 

Here are the steps you can follow to set up your direct deposit of Comerica bank routing number for direct express. 

  • The first thing that you need to do is call the number 1-800-967-5042. You can call them Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 8 PM Eastern Time
  •  This call will connect you to a US direct express routing number customer service representative. The representative will guide you through all the steps you need to follow to start using the Comerica bank routing number for direct express card. 

And that’s it for the routing number for direct express Comerica bank. After completing the steps, your direct benefits will arrive on your direct express routing account number.

But before you can activate the direct deposit, you need to activate the ABA routing number for direct express debit card. For that, you can check the information provided below. 

There are three options to activate your Comerica bank direct express routing number card. Let’s go over the first one. 

  • The first and easiest way to activate your card is to call the routing number directly to express customer service. People with a card starting with 5115 63 can call 1-866-606-3311. People with a card starting with 5332 48 can call 1-888-741-1115.
  • You can reach the customer service of direct express card routing number 24/7. When all of this is done, you need to enter a few details such as card number, date of birth & last four digits of your SSN. 
  •  Visiting the official page of Direct Sexpress is the second option. You can Click Here to visit the website. Find the Activate/Register Option and click on it. Enter your card information and then check the I’m not a robot option. After that, click on Activate/Register, and that’s it. 
Direct Express Routing Number Comerica Bank
  •  For the final option, you can download the Direct Express mobile application, and then you can use that to activate your card. 

And that’s it. With this, you should easily activate a direct express account number and routing number card. 

How to Login Direct Express Account in Comerica Bank?

The steps to log in to direct express routing number Comerica Bank are pretty easy, and you can check them below. 

  • To log in to your Direct Express routing number Texas account, you need to visit the Official Website of Direct Express. 
  •  Now, look at your card, check the first Six numbers on your card, and choose the appropriate card provided on the direct express routing number California website. 
Direct Express Routing Number
Direct Express Account Login
  •  After that, click on Proceed To Login to move to the next step of direct express routing number tx. 
Direct express Account number
  •  This will take you to another page where you will be required to provide your User ID and Password. 
  •  Now, Click on Submit to complete the direct express bank routing number process. 

And that’s it. Now, you should be able to use your account to access all the necessary information, such as direct express routing number for social security and perform the necessary actions. 

If you forget your User ID or password of your direct express Comerica bank routing number, you can always click the Forgot button next to the respective section. After that, follow the necessary steps to find or reset your User ID or Password. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Direct Express have a routing number?

Direct Express is a debit card program that doesn’t include any paperwork. So, it can be said that it doesn’t have any routing number.

What bank is used for Direct Express?

Comerica Bank issues a Direct Express card in a tie-up with MasterCard International.

Does Direct Express have Mobile Banking?

Yes. Direct Express has mobile banking, and you can access it through the Android and iOS apps.

Does PayPal accept Direct Express?

Yes. Paypal accepts direct express, and you can transfer money to your PayPal account from a Direct Express card.


If you are wondering “how to get my direct express routing and account number?”, stop it, as Direct Express doesn’t have a routing number. If you want to log in to your Direct Express account, you can follow the steps above to do that. You can also follow the steps mentioned above to setup your direct deposit option. If you have any further queries, then do leave your thoughts below. 

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